10 Tips For Totally Awesome Selifies

Some people believe selfies are a millennial invention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Legendary artists like Friday Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh have been making self-portraits years before Instagram became the chosen art-sharing outlet.

With the accessibility of new technology, you can skip the paintbrush and capture flawless flicks from your handheld device. No matter your end-goal, there are a few easy guidelines to nailing the perfect selfie.

1. Good Lighting
Plenty of light and avoidance of shadow is a key factor in grabbing that gorgeous glam shot. Natural light is the best, but don’t shy away from the spotlight or some ring-lights to brighten your eyes and capture all of your best features!

2. Hit Them Angles
We all know the dread of catching a glimpse of our unaware faces on the front-facing camera. Needless to say, a good selfie is nothing without the right position. A good rule of thumb is not too high, not too low, and to always lean with your best side.

3. A Real Smile (Or None At All!)
Real smiles are showstopping while fake smiles are off-putting. People can tell when the expression isn’t coming from the heart. Have your best friend tell a good joke or think about making eyes with your crush while you take some selfies. The camera will feel the love and you’ll end up with genuine selfies.

4. Flash or No Flash?
That is the question. If you have good natural lighting, skip it. If it’s after dark and you can’t be seen without it, try it out. It might take some playing with angles but the flash does have the potential to be your friend!

5. Go Light on the Filters
It’s tempting to layer all different types of saturation and highlights, but not always necessary to double down. If you want to filter a photo, pick what looks good and stick with it. Nothing ruins good selfies like too much tweaking!

6. The Right Background
Getting your makeup and outfit camera-ready is step one. Making sure you have the right backdrop is step two. A great selfie can be very distracting if you’re in a chaotic or messy space. Take a look around before you snap so you don’t have to worry about an unmade bed or toilet paper stealing the show.

7. Talk To Yourself
Giving yourself some self-love while snapping some photos is a great way to capture your natural emotions. They say happy girls are the prettiest, so get yourself in the mood!

8. Try the Mirror
Just because we have front-facing cameras doesn’t mean we have to use them. Mirror selfies are the trusty way to make sure you snap your style from head to toe.

9. Don’t Skimp While You Snap
Is there a thing as taking too many selfies? We don’t think so. Work your angles, work the lighting, try different poses, and have some fun! Make it an activity and you’re bound to end up with an option or two that nails the look you were going for.

10. Be Yourself
Like Nike says: just do it. Overthinking a selfie is the one surefire way for it to look unnatural. No one likes a try-hard, and contouring your body or pushing for a duck face will fall flat in the photo if it doesn’t feel organic.

A good selfie can become your go-to profile photo, your most-liked picture, or a way for your crush to finally fully fall for you. Whatever your reason, keep these selfie guidelines in mind and you’ll take your best selfie yet. All that’s left is thinking up a worthy caption.