5 Crazy Facts About San Francisco

San Francisco is one exciting city with great history. Sharpen your City by the Bay trivia with these 5 crazy facts:

Fact One

San Francisco holds a yearly run called, “Bay to Breakers”, where people run from the bay to the ocean for a cause and the rest of the citizens walk or stroll in a marathon-like arrangement behind the runners! 

Fact Two

The second largest and oldest China Town in North America, outside of Asia can be found in San Francisco. This is also where the fortune cookie was invented.

Fact Three

If you love movies, there are more than 50 festivals held every year as well as small ones like; The Jewish Film Festival, The American Indian Film Festival and the Greek Film Festival ( I wonder if you might encounter a crazy Greek family).

Fact Four

Although since dismissed and repealed, in 1867 the American Government implemented the “Ugly Law”, which prevented unsightly people to show their faces in public for almost 93 years. It would have served some of the people well who had woken up on the wrong side of the bed, wouldn’t it!

Fact Five

San Francisco or “The City”, whatever you choose to call it shares a vibrant culture of people who like to wear costumes on days other than Halloween! You can often walk down the street and find the cupcake fairy roaming around with Captain Hook on her arm. People love dressing up and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so as well. If you want to dress up as Ariel the mermaid or Iron Man, don’t give it a second thought. Just do it!