The History of Googles

Beginning In the early 1990’s Googles was a platform for developing interactive children’s learning experiences. The goal of Googles was to provide children with guidance and support through the use of educational messages that were both fun and safe. Over time, they produced live events with traveling mascots, developed music, books, and an animated series as well as a pilot for a TV show. Googles also developed a variety of websites and a web browser that provided families and children with a safe online experience. Examples of these include, GooTube and GooMail.

A small group of Googles, from the planet Goo, arrived to reacquaint us with our best selves. Kids love them. Their music, spaceship, and missions take our children to a better place – right where they are. Googles don’t even see the small differences between us, but they do help our children to see the small wonders of kindness and self-esteem. Kids are transported on a Gooship all over the planet to learn about our interdependence with the ocean, ran forests, and even volcanoes. Upbeat songs teach about lasting values and our need to preserve the environment.

Google is born

Google was initially known as “BackRub” but was renamed “Googol.” The name “Google” originated from the misspelling of “googol.” The domain was registered in September of 1997 and the company was formally incorporated in September of 1998. Google was registered after Googles.

Stephen Garchik

What initially attracted me to the business was that our one year old son loved the music and the characters. He would smile and hum when the music was played. Being a special needs kid, I was overwhelmed by his reaction to the music and characters. Nothing else had moved him in this way before. What subsequently attracted me to the business was the emphasis on building self-esteem in the children and teaching them science and math and good manners without them realizing it was happening. I felt this type of website/educational tool was missing for children like our son who was a special needs child and was about to grow up in this new computer world. What also attracted me to the business was the domain name because Google was clearly becoming a house hold name by then and lastly the authentication and encryption technology that was being built that would forever keep predators away from my children when using a computer.

So in early 2006 I made the first investment in the company of $1,000,000 after over 5.5 million had already been invested and of what would become more than 4 million from my family and friends. I also encouraged others to join me.

Marla Garchik

Our journey began when our nephew was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 1996. Then, Cure Autism Now merged with Autism Speaks. From 2005 onward Marla dedicated as much of her free time as possible to all events and activities related to Autism Speaks and this unparalleled level of effort continues today.

Peace Love Solve

The similar but not identical timing of the registration of the googles and google domain names produced a host of reverse confusion issues for both Google and Googles. Kids were emailing Googles to learn how to construct an atomic bomb which they would have been able to learn on and similarly many of the Goo kids who enjoyed the website were constantly finding themselves on the Google website instead. So, after years of negotiation, in December of 2008 subsequently there was a permanent agreement between Google and Stelor (who licensed and later owned to coexist where by Stelor stays out of search and Google stays out of the children’s market.

Join the adventure that’s out of this world! The children of earth are this planets last hope!
Our world and its many wonders are lost in the onslaught of action heroes and violent scenarios. Young minds are focused on learning about force and getting their own way. Driven be commerce, this trend is not easily reversed by anyone, including world governments. Is there any way to succeed commercially and maintain a child’s interest?