The Next Book You Should Read

Reading is a way for us to escape reality and travel into another world. It helps illuminate new perspectives, teach lessons, and offer stories to share with friends.

Here we’ve collected a handful of books that are sure to take you on an adventure you won’t want to end. From finding your place in a new school to learning how to make new friends, these books are inspiring and exciting stories you’ll be eager to share.

1. Amina’s Voice, By Hena Khan

A story that anyone would find inspiring, it follows a shy young Amina as she moves into middle school. She has a few values that she holds tight, like her best friend and her culture, but as both of those experience new changes, she wonders if it’s time she changes, too.

2. The Fault In Our Stars, By John Green

This book became an instant classic before it came to life on screen. It’s a story of young love and loss. It’s heart-wrenching to watch the pair battle through their own cancer-struggles, but beautiful to see the love they make through it all.

3. Finding Perfect, by Elly Schwartz

A neat and organized 12-year-old finds her life takes on a new challenge as her mom is sent away on work for an entire year. She begins writing slam poetry in an effort to win a competition that will bring her mother back home to celebrate. Soon, she finds that not everything is in her control, and absolutely nothing will always be completely perfect.

4. The Friendship Experiment, By Erin Teagan

Maddie Little is a science-whiz who’s much more interested in her own discoveries than what middle school has to offer. She is slow to make friends and when they come, they’re soon gone again after uncovering what she wrote in her secret scientific notebook. Will Maddie’s mad scientist brain be able to sort out her life’s new predicaments?

5. The Goat, By Anne Fleming

A new life in a new city can come with a lot of surprises. For Kid, hearing reports of a mysterious goat living on the roof of her family’s new New York City apartment building may just be the investigation that will get her through 6-months in a strange new place with her parents.

6. Junior Lifeguards, By Elizabeth Doyle Carey

Set in Cape Cod, four girls test their individual skills on much more than nailing lifeguard training. It makes for a great summertime tale of romance, rivalries and for those who end up falling in love, it sets the scene for the rest of the series.

7. Lemons, By Melissa Savage

Lemonade, the leading lady in this novel, finds her life soured after she loses her mother and is forced to move in with her grandfather in the Bigfoot Capital of the World. Things begin to sweeten as she gets a gig with a local 11-year-old who runs his own Bigfoot spotting enterprise. The story is an epic adventure giving plenty of life lessons along the way.

8. One Hundred Spaghetti Strings, By Jen Nails

Steffy and her sister Nina find living with their aunt to be a treat. When their father suddenly shows up as a new roommate, things take a turn. Steffy turns to her favorite hobby, cooking, to work through the new struggles and hopes to her recipes can help restore her family.

9. The Cardboard Kingdom, By Chad Sell

Imagination is limitless, and The Cardboard Kingdom proves just how far it can take you. This book takes you on a journey through fantastical places that lie beneath the surfaces of a few cardboard boxes and between neighborhood friends.

10. The Lifters, By Dave Eggers

A magical doorway opens up for Catalina and Granite that leads to twisting and turning wonders under their town. It’s not all happy adventures, though, and they find that it’s up to them to save everyone who lives back above from dangerous forces that lie below.

Final Thoughts

Finding your next favorite book is as easy as picking one up. Spend your day reading any of these books and you’ll feel like you went on an adventure of your own. All types of mystery, friendship, heartbreak, and intrigue are waiting to be discovered in these books. What are you waiting for?